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Now more than ever, companies are facing a shortage of skills in data analytics.

At the same time, self-service BI had made easy for people to get data insights at one's fingertips by creating outstanding dashboards in just few hours.


GoDataViz is here to help bridge the gap between the people and businesses by providing the essential knowledge that is becoming necessary in today’s increasingly analytics job culture.


GoDataViz offers a solid introduction to data visualization with Microsoft Power BI: 

data analytics development, data design and data management for students, business users and developers.


GoDataViz is here to help


1. Data Development

Learn how KPIs, data transformation and data modeling techniques work and the basic principles of Kimball Business Intelligence approach.

2. Data Design

Learn the basics of User-Experience (UX) a User Interface (UI) report design so you can convert your insights into user adoption.

3. Data Management

Learn about how to validate an idea, the tools to manage a data project and how to have conversations with developers and business users.

You are a data analyst who wants to improve your Data Visualization skills
You are a professional who wants to know everything about Microsoft Power BI
You are a student who wants to get hired as a Power BI Developer or a Power BI Consultant 

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